• Software Developer

    Creativity with lastest technologies

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  • Business to Business(B2B)

    Your business is my business!

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  • Entreprenuer

    Initiative and organized great ventures!

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  • Information technology (IT) services

    Finally, my place to have fun!

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Service 1

High quality IT development

Our services allow customers to do business without worrying about underlying technology or IT infrastructure

Service 2

Business and technical expertise

Experienced business owner and technical expertise of software

Service 3

Information technology (IT) services

Helps you get more value to your customers with our coherent, ready-to-use deliverables

Information that may help you!

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Software Development Pricing


IT Consultation


  • 1-2 Owners
  • Small businesses only
  • Website or internet present


Online Business


  • 5 updates
  • $250 up-front charge
  • 1 business email address
  • Hosting your business 24/7
  • 1 Website with 1 FREE Domain
  • Social Media setup and present
  • Expose your business all over the internet
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Advance Business


  • Online Business package Plus
  • Custom Logo design (3 changes)
  • Unlimited website pages
  • Local Listings set-up
  • Marketing material and assistant
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Custom Development


  • Contact Us for Details!!
  • Improve your existing software/website
  • Take-over your website/software development tasks
  • Make it happens to any idea you have in mind!!